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About US

Currently in its 4th generation of ranchers, Gebbers Cattle raises top quality Angus beef in Brewster, WA. We use a strategic Artificial Insemination (A.I.) program to continually improve the herd’s genetics and retain carcass data. The goal is to own cattle that are economically viable, thick and deep, yet moderate in stature, that fit our specific environment, that raise fundamentally sound calves, and that breed back reliably. In addition, our genetics contribute to an increased marbling percentage, meaning customers will receive high-quality, tender, and flavorful beef. 


Owner, Cass Gebbers describes his goals for the company: "I want to work with my kids and have them come home and want to do this too. My goal is to also be economically sustainable so we can be environmentally responsible. Finally, I want to develop a cow herd that exceeds industry average data so that our product is desirable; we want to pull demand, not push supply."


Our cattle spend most of their lives within 30 miles from home, enjoying mountain pastures and native range lands during the spring, summer, and late fall months. Coordinated pasture rotations allow for extra grass to ensure grazing into the early winter when the cattle are trailed closer to home for winter feeding.


Our cattle are naturally raised and minimally processed, meeting USDA standards for natural products. We also guarantee that all cattle are antibiotic-free for at least 120 days prior to processing and do not receive hormones or feed growth additives for improved performance.


We raise most of our own feed, including corn silage and alfalfa hay. We also bale neighboring wheat straw and feed apple pomace during the winter months. Animal waste is composted for re-use in the local family orchards as a soil enhancement.

The Gebbers Family also operates Gebbers Farms, one of the top apple growers in the northwestern U.S. and the largest provider of cherries in the world. Visit to learn more about the family and its operations.

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